It's Contagious.

Have you ever been asked if your contagious? If you share that you're under the weather, you may get this question. 

It's an awkward to say the least, but one that the inquirer deems necessary for self preservation. 

Understandably, they don't want to get sick. No one really knows if their cold or flu or sinus issues are in a state of contagiousness, but we try to give our best guess. The only way to know if we are actually contagious, is by watching our family or those in our immediate vicinity to determine if they come down with what we have. 

What about your ideas that spring from your identity...are they contagious? 

Harnessing the power of your identity creates vision, and vision is fueled by passion, and passion causes us to act.  

The combination of the three distinct factors are vital. 

Identity is the foundation, vision is blueprint, and passion brings the grit and tenacity necessary to complete the work. 

Has the alignment of your identity, vision and passion created the contagious change you hope to make? What idea do you want to spread? What problem in the world are you compelled to solve? What calls you far beyond the limits of your comfortable life? 

In John 1, John the Baptist was asked over and over again: "Who are you?"  Remarkably, John knew exactly who he was, and what he had come to do. He responded "I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness: Make straight the way of the Lord." 

John understood his identity, had the vision or the blueprint, and the passion to act. John was contagious. 

The answers to these questions, will cause you to be contagious. You will inspire people to act. You will offer hope to others. You will break the status quo. The truth is, we need you. We need you to answer the question of your personal identity, once you do, you will want to make the world better in some specific way, and then we all benefit. 

Respectfully contagious, 

Melissa Pierce

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