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Updated: Mar 12, 2019

“Will this matter in 100 years?” I asked my girls as they fought over who stole popcorn from whose plate. Their jaws dropped when I asked. “No!” They both said, convicted. I continued by asking them what would matter in 100 years. Ellie answered, “Love! God!” and Esther shouted “Jesus!”. I was so proud of them for realizing that their little spat wouldn’t matter so far in the future, and that there were only a few things that would (this, of course, didn’t completely stop them from fighting again a few minutes later).  I love how parenthood stretches us so much. Sometimes we are forced to learn the very lessons we are teaching our children. So I thought to myself: what will really matter in 100 years? Are we making space for what really matters in our lives?  I think Marie Kondo really is onto something. She opened people’s eyes to the possibility that having less could bring us more joy. That letting go of things that don’t matter could actually make space for the very things that do matter. All too often we are looking for joy by filling up our lives with stuff, activities, habits and routines. Some of these things are good, however some of these things unfortunately often distract us from the things that will bring us and those around us the most joy. Those distractions can also make us forget to live life with intentionality! We forget our priorities and before we know it, years have passed and we don’t know what we’ve done with all of that time. But when we live intentionally on a daily basis, we can make space for the joy that we so desperately seek! We have a bigger impact on our lives and on those around us.  As a generation that has been brought up on TV dinners, plastic toys, disposable things, and an attitude of more and bigger is better, I think we are all craving something more… and that is less! A more nutrient dense diet; less things, more meaning. On some level, i think we all desire to stop striving for so much and instead return to simpler ways. I think we all know deep down that simplicity can spark more joy than having more ever could.  So, what really matters? What are we forgetting to make space for? Where in our lives do we need to make space for something? What should we be prioritizing and are we living our life to honor those priorities?  Each week at PBWN we will have a #mondaymakespacefor that will challenge us all to make space for something. We also want to hear from you! How did you make that space? What did you let go of to make it? What difference did you see in your life by making that space?  We hope you will join us as we seek to live life with intention, by making space for what really matters! --Cori Maffett

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