Make Space For Quiet

It's a loud world. 

The kids are making noise, your notifications are at an all time high, Baby Shark is playing in the distance, and your brain is reciting your mile long list of to do's, as you fall into bed, and wake up the next day to to the deafening noise all over again. For some, noise is a constant companion, we can avoid quiet with a constant stream of content. These days quiet is not simply about decibels and loud noise, but also about all of the things, the apps, social media and marketing that is vying for our attention. If we're not careful by comparison, quiet can seem boring, if not unproductive and certainly not fun.

When we make space to quiet our minds, our souls and our environment we are able to compose ourselves and prepare for what is next. 

I like to be quiet in the mornings. Quiet has actually become a habit. It seems my soul organizes itself.  For me this happens through prayer to God, and meditation on the scripture.

Quiet appears to have very soft qualities, like tranquility and stillness. However, I've found that quiet possesses it owns power. 

Psalm 46:10 says "Be still and know that I am God"  

It is in stillness and quietness that we can know that God is God, and we are not. We are able to release every care and worry to Him, because after all He is God. 

Interestingly, even when we experience quiet, we don't experience silence. in quiet, we are able to hear important things like the depths of our own thoughts, desires and needs. And also, the voice of God, to lead us forward. His voice is the still, small One, best heard in times of quiet.  

- Melissa Pierce 

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