Make Space For...Vulnerability

I get it. It’s hard to let your walls down. Becoming vulnerable sometimes feels like you’re standing naked in front of someone you just met; except worse. Because instead of opening your body up to criticism, you’re opening up your soul. And what if your soul gets rejected?

(Side note, the show isn’t called Naked and Afraid for nothing. When you strip yourself down, you open yourself up to so much. And that’s scary.)

This is what keeps many people behind their so-called walls of protection. The walls that theoretically keep a person safe are actually the same things that are slowly cutting them off from others. They create a barrier that makes themselves unreachable. Those same walls that are there to keep hurt out are actually keeping love from entering in.

Life is too short y’all. It’s too short to live un-authentically. I can honestly say I understand. I know deep hurt. I know deep rejection. It is all too real to me based on events that have taken place in my life. However, I also know that when I refuse to be vulnerable with others I am only hurting myself. Life is too short to go about it on my own, thinking I have it all. Thinking that if I just keep myself safe, protect my heart, that I’ll never get hurt again.

But the truth is, when we make space for vulnerability, we make space for life-giving freedom. Freedom that comes from deep relationship with other people. The healing to my soul I’ve found has only come through my vulnerability in my relationship with God and others. Without letting my walls down, I would only be a bitter, hard and resentful person.

In order to experience this healing, you have to be willing to let your walls down in order to let someone else in. But what if they reject me? What if I’m not good enough? How can God love someone like me, after all that I’ve been through and done?

Maybe you will get rejected. Maybe, you will draw up so much courage to tell someone something that you’ve been wanting to tell them, and once you do, they will laugh in your face. And that sucks.

But then what? Do you take that one person’s opinion and draw conclusions from it about who you are as a person? Do you let that experience label you? Do you let that rejection define your worth?

No. You don’t. You take that lie by its cajones and you replace it with truth. You repeat that truth to yourself. You refuse to let others and their opinions and your life hurts define your worth. You, my friend, are enough, just as you are.

Let those walls down sister. Make space for vulnerability and experience life in a way that only comes from relationship with others.

--Lauren Preusz

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