Mission Over Preference

I’m on a mission to champion the purpose and value of women everywhere. Sounds inspiring…right? It’s easy to say, but hard to achieve, but more on that later. 

Personally, I love a good mission. Mission fires me up, in fact, I was made for mission.


You’re likely on some sort of mission yourself. On mission to be an intentional mom, to build a successful company, to create social change, or perhaps to be a better spouse. 

Mission in it’s raw form has power and potential. When I dwell on mission, I am the Bossbabe, Supermom, Proverbs 31 queen of my dreams. As I set out to take over the world, armed with espresso, the zealous mission in me collides with the comfort I seek. This is where it’s get hard. 

Overcoming obstacles is inherent in every mission. Overcoming obstacles requires patience, fortitude, character, strength, determination, grit, and willingness to take some hits along the way. I will always have to choose between what I want now, and what I want more

This is the tension between the mission and preference. 

Mission and preference or mission and comfort are natural opposites. The comfortable route will always stand to oppose your completed mission. 

Consider this, the obstacles in your way, may not be massive or complex problems, but rather the small comforts we choose that subtract from our ultimate goal which thwarts our greater goals. Maybe these seemingly small actions repeated over time cause detours. What if the shortest route to accomplishment is saying no to what feels good right now? 

For example: 

  • The unplanned cheat meal versus the mission of health. 

  • The time spent scrolling versus the time spent focused on key relationships.

  • The extra spending versus saving for something better or more meaningful.

Saying no to what is comfortable or preferential now, is an emphatic yes to our overall mission. 

Lastly, The pain of saying no to yourself for the sake of your mission IS self care. I care for myself when I say no to unhealthy foods and yes to the gym. I care for myself when I say no to buying things I don’t need at Target, and yes to the budget I created. I do experience short term pain, but that pain is not fatal, it’s helpful. 

Yes, be kind to yourself, yes, self care, but the mission you are on, will always require you to delay gratification now, to reap something rich and rewarding later.  

Stay the course my friend! 

You were made for mission. 

--Melissa Pierce

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